Due to weather predictions, not accepting deliveries for Wednesday, please call today to see if delivery still possible. Thank you.
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International Deliveries

Before You Order Flowers!!!

Unless your flowers are delivered by UPS or Federal Express, a local florist like Mrs. Flowers Inc. is providing them. Save the $10-$20 extra fee and order directly from a local shop. If you're shopping online, search for "florist in/near name of town". Skip the top few with "AD" next to, beside or above and scroll down to the numbered list of real florists in that town. (Google lists them under local map-Yahoo and Bing have them numbered) (Some real shops may have paid to have an ad, but you will see their name on the local list also). If there is no local address or local phone number on the home page, chances are really good that not only is it not local, the number is probably answered out of our country.If you need help, call us and we will help you find a close local shop. Save the florist the percentage we are charged when your order comes from one of the "order brokers" and order directly. You win--the florist wins!

A local florist knows what product we have in stock today, and what can be ordered for that special order in the future. We know our delivery schedule. Can it still be delivered today? Will it make it in time? We know our customers, are familiar with the area, know the customs of the funeral homes/hospitals.

Even though the order broker advertise a 55.00 arrangement on sale for 29.99, you will not get a $55.00 value. We can make a perfectly nice smaller arrangement for 30.00, but will not pretend it was $55.00 originally. When we offer a coupon, the discount is applied to your product or delivery, not taken off the $10-$20 you are charged to take your order and then transfer it to us. Your local florists support each other, surprised? We have a lot of great shops in this area. Use one of us! We hire local employees, buy from local suppliers, pay local taxes. SUPPORT A LOCAL FLORIST!!